To inspire rakyat’s wellbeing by providing quality medical news, advice, solution
and general medical needs via our 1-STOP platform.


To build the best medical platform to bring the rakyat closer on seeking medical
solutions ranging from qualified practitioners to certified apparatus providers overseas.

Our Values

Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our everyday lives

Quality & Service

Two factors that goes hand in hand together to deliver premium value and satisfaction


Upholding highest standard of promises and filters out misleading products or services for the greater benefit


Working together regardless of boundaries to match the needs of clients at our best effort

Core Team

Hospi+ has a team of dedicated and very passionate individuals striving for
excellence in order to provide the best service to everyone out there.

Dave Best

Jim Traore

Maria Santos

Papi Nola

Nika Kilova

Camilia Esperanto